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WhiskyGlass.ca proudly represents:

  • Glencairn Crystal Studios
  • The Whisky Aroma Academy
  • The Quaich Company (Scotland) Ltd.

WhiskyGlass.ca has, since 2002, offered beautiful glass, crystal and modern pewter pieces for home, business events, conventions, festivals, special interest groups and community organizations.

WhiskyGlass.ca started by being the first to offer the famous Glencairn Glass to Scotch enthusiasts throughout Canada. Styled by Glencairn Crystal Studios of Scotland, it is the perfect marriage of form and function expressly to maximize the experience and enjoyment of Scotch. The Glencairn Glass is embraced by whisky lovers the world over, as their favourite nosing glass.

Scotch Whisky nosing; Prince Charles & Glencairn Glass

Glencairn Crystal is recognized as the UKs leading source for decorated crystal and glassware.

The Aroma Training Kits

WhiskyGlass.ca is now first to bring to Canada the remarkable Whisky Aroma Kit. Take your tasting experience to new heights by training your "nose" with the world's first, specifically designed Whisky Aroma Training Kit by The Whisky Aroma Academy (formerly Scent & Aroma Tecnology Systems of Scotland). They have used their years of scent molecule design experience to craft a truly unique training system. And yes, they have also released a Wine Aroma Kit and it is available here as well.

WhiskyGlass.ca is your first and best source for beautifully crafted crystal glassware, traditional pewter quaiches and flasks and the Aroma Kits, all to enhance the tasting experience, be it whisky, brandy, cognac or a favourite aperitif. We have shipped to every Province and Territory (even to Baffin Island!) in Canada; to enthusiasts across the USA and to Australia. Will you be our next destination?. Enjoy your visit!



Monthly Specials For June

Shilling Tankard
Shilling Tankard
$103.95  $83.16
Save: 20% off
Montrose 1.5 Pint Pitcher
Montrose 1.5 Pint Pitcher
$69.95  $48.97
Save: 30% off
Iona Bavarian Beer Glass
Iona Bavarian Beer Glass
$11.75  $9.75
Save: 17% off

Montrose Brandy Snifter; Set of 2
Montrose Brandy Snifter; Set of 2
$54.95  $46.71
Save: 15% off
Sporran Flask - Celtic Gold Series
Sporran Flask - Celtic Gold Series
$59.95  $53.96
Save: 10% off

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